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2018 Children's Carnival

►Environmental protection knowledge class for familieas and new energy automobile graffiti for children
►New Energy Automobile Graffiti for Children
►Seeking New Energy Automobiles and Getting Bonus
►Amusement Park Experience (Joyful Wechat interaction,Rail car race, Award-Winning Quiz)

Sponsored by: China Electrotechnical Society, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Machinery Sub-Council,

AutoKnow magazine, and Global Times Auto Investment (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Organized by: China International Exhibition on Green and Energy Efficient Vehicles and Beijing China Auto Industry Square Exhibition Co., Ltd
Covered by:China Automotive News, Chinese Business Journal, China Times, Beijing Times, Beijing Sci-tech Report, Beijing News, Beijing Evening News, Beijing Youth Daily, Auto Life, Automobile Industry News, China Industry News, AutoKnow, another Auto Life, Automotive Observer, Auto Business Review, Choices, Security Today, CCTV, Beijing TV, Beijing People's Broadcasting Station,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Commercial Vehicle, and the WeChat and Weibo account of
Industrial support:
1. Auto manufacturers
2. Beijing, Municipal Commission of Education, kindergartens, preschool education institutions, schools, and Beijing Student Activities Management Center
3. Photography studios, travel agencies, brands of children's garments and children's products

Event Over View and Objective

ØCreating the image of a vehicle exhibition emphasizing energy saving and environmental protection, highlighting a user-friendly and amiable exhibition, promoting influence of the exhibition, and improving its popularity by organizing the event
ØFurther building awareness of energy saving and environmental protection among the masses via children's planning of events Meanwhile, encouraging participation of children and their family, developing meticulously-designed events together with the media and cooperating organizations, drawing people's attention to the development of the emerging energy vehicles, and attracting more participants ad bringing them happiness.